Subsea Systems

Sub Sea 1Total Valve & Equipment can provide Paladon Systems subsea valve actuators. Paladon has over 30 years experience with more subsea application in the North Sea than all its competitors. Let us help you with your subsea application.

 We are a proud distributor of PALADON valve actuation.



Key Features

Performance Data

Hydraulic Scotch Yoke for Automatic Shutdown Valve

Sub Sea 3

  • Fully Automatic Fail Safe Operation
  • Automatic Line-Break Detection Shutdown
  • Scragged Springs for Stable Output Torque Characteristics
  • Remote Status Monitoring
  • LiMnO2 Batteries for 5 to 7 Year Life
  • Diver and ROV Overides to ISO 13628-8
  • Depths to 1,640 ft

Supply Pressure
90 to 3,625 psi
Torque Output:
Up to 6,018,000 in/lbs

Hydraulic Scotch Yoke for High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems

Sub Sea 4

  • Full Engineering Design Support for any HIPPS Application
  • Full Compliance with IEC 61508 Edition 2 up to SIL 3
  • Closure Times Up to 2 Seconds
  • Skid Design Fabrication
  • Installation Commissioning and Service Support
  • Proven Logic Solver
  • Full Diagnostics Capability
  • Compact Minifold Design Control Systems
  • Hydraulic Power Units
  • All Instrumentation

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