Quality Assurance

Overall Quality Program

SCOPE: Total Valve & Equipment provides all the resources to its employees for an environmentally clean, safe and pleasant workplace. In this environment, it allows the highest quality standards available due to the policies and procedures of our controlled quality management system.

POLICY: Total Valve & Equipment Maintains these high quality policies to ensure our products meet or exceed:

  1. Conformance to Customer Requirements
  2. Quality Defect Free Product
  3. On Time Delivery
  4. Customer Satisfaction
  5. Continual Improvement

Our quality program touches on every aspect of the work process.

  1. Sales
  2. CAD/CAM
  3. Machine Shop
  4. Parts Control
  5. Assembly Shop
  6. Quality Control
  7. Shipping & Recieving

Valve Automation Setting

Our customers can rest well knowing their product is assembled right the first time. Proprietary tooling and procedures allow us to hold tight tolerances upon setting actuation

Valve Automation Accessories:

  1. All accessories are tubed and terminated according to the customers schematics and diagrams
  2. All components are checked under power in order according to procedures and signed off on.
  3. A supervisor checks work against job ticket and signs off after full inspection of working product. Product is then moved to shipping.
  4. In shipping, all product goes through a final inspection against job ticket.
  5. Once prpoduct passes inspection, it is tagged and shipped.




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